Lg Smartphone unlock codes and how to enter lg g3 g4 g2 sim unlock menu

This page guide you about how to enter lg mobile sim unlock menu for lg smartphone unlock codes and how to enter unlock codes for lg g3 smartphone, lg g2 g4 password unlock by resetting lg mobile.


Lg smartphone unlocking by resetting lg mobile and lg g3 unlocking and g4 g2 unlocking for wrong pwd and pattern lock. How to enter lg g3 sim unlock menu.

Here I am going to explain you how to hard reset or factory default reset your lg mobile for unlocking lg smartphone. When you hard reset your lg smartphone, it change your mobile all configuration to newly manufactured mobile. It also delete all data of your mobile and clear all your lg mobile configuration to factory default mode.

By this method you can unlock your lg mobile also. Because smartphone locking or sim locking is done after mobile is launched. But hard reset changes all mobile configurations so it can unlock your smartphone.

This does not work with t mobile as t mobile use their own device unlock app. This cannot unlock t mobile. This can unlock mobile which don’t have very robust locking technique. If you forgotten your mobile password and you want to unlock your mobile than this method is the best option.

lg g3 smartphone unlock



Lg g4 hard reset for unlock mobile:

Simultaneously press power and volume down button. Once lg log appear release power button keep holding volume down button and then again hold power button.

This will take you to boot mode option. There are there option recovery, fast boot, and normal. Use volume up button for selection and volume down button for ok. Choose recovery. Then next screen will come it has 5 option. Apply update form sd card, abd, cache, wipe date factory reset -you need to choose this option, restore user.

This will unlock your lg g4 of you have forgotten your password. This can also try this for lg g4 sim network unlocking. But most of the time you will not succeed for mobile sim network unlocking. For that you need to get free lg smartphone unlock codes. For lg g2 g3 unlocking you need1) imei no of your lg smartphone, 2)sim serial no,3) make and model of your mobile phone. There are many free apps available online for lg unlock codes. You can find lg g2 unlocker  lg g3 unlocking or lg g4 free codes app at google app store, android app store and free android apps online.


Lg g3 reset for unlock mobile

From the home screen app and widget click on app.

Then tap on setting tab. Then general setting choose personal tab.

Under personal tab, tap on back up & reset.

lg smartphone unlock


Under this tab you get these options- back up account, automatically restore and factory data reset- you should choose this option.

This will reset your lg g3 mobile. You can also use above lg g4 method to reset lg g3 for unlocking lg g3 mobile.

 How to enter lg g3 sim unlock menu:


If you have lg g3 d851 t mobile model then

On dialer type this code 2945#*851#. This will take you sim unlock menu.

If your mobile has service provider lock then tap on service provider lock. For t mobile smartphone unlock code consist of 16 digits.

For any lg g3 model to enter into sim unlock menu, standard code is 2945#*model no#. For example lg g3 d854 model sim unlock menu code is 2945#*854#. For d855 code is 2945#*855#.

After entering sim unlock menu tap on network lock or sim provider lock and then enter unlock code and tap on unlock. After that you need to power of your mobile and restart. After that your mobile will be fully unlocked.

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